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Pallet Repair Program

Garcia’s Woodworks will pick up, repair, and return your pallets in a timely manner, providing a cost-saving, green alternative for your operations. Pallets not meeting your specifications for reuse will be either purchased by Garcia’s Woodworks or disposed of at no expense to your company at one of our recycling facilities. Garcia’s Woodworks maintains one of the largest fleets of trucks and trailers in the industry, and thus we can also provide a drop trailer for your facility which will provide your team with a convenient method of managing your broken and miscellaneous pallet inventory. Garcia’s Woodworks will additionally provide your operations with a detailed monthly report of all outbound pallet activity.


On-Site Pallet Management Program

Garcia’s Woodworks can locate trained teammates at your distribution facility to sort pallets for either return to your system or loading onto trailers for purchase or repair. We also offer on-site repair to your specifications. Letting our experts focus on your pallet needs allows you to focus on your core business and product distribution, increasing efficiency and lowering costs associated with pallet handling. An on-site pallet management program can result in improved sorting and increased quality of pallets in your facility’s operation.

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